Beautiful Reasons to Visit New Zealand

Beautiful Reasons to Visit New Zealand

New Zealand is a diverse, beautiful country located in the southeast of Australia. New Zealand's population comprises only 5 per cent of humans while the rest are animals! The country's one of the most loved tourist destinations in the world. There is always something for everyone in New Zealand, from the hot springs, a great walk to the mountains, and beaches to the lakes. It usually takes over an hour's drive to reach the beach- around 128 km from the sea. New Zealand has world-class skiing, snowboarding, mountain bike, and hiking trails. The country has the first-ever commercial Bungy site, situated in Queenstown. The country is blessed with many lakes, natural hideouts, beaches, and mountains. It's advisable to travel to different locations for a unique experience.

There are many thrilling sporting locations in New Zealand. Many people seek out the adrenaline-gushing activities for which the country is renowned. From skydiving, caving to bungee jumping, there are always some exciting sports available to thrill-seekers. Think of the following sporting ventures that make New Zealand the adventure capital of the world.

Skydiving has a scenic landscape that allows you to have a good look from a bird's eye view. Depending on your location, the sporting area offers excellent views of volcanoes and forests, sparkling lakes, and snow-capped mountains. Wanaka, Auckland, Queenstown, Bay of Plenty, Lake Taupo are the best locations for skydiving in New Zealand. It costs around 359 Dollars for a skydiving package.

Caving – Waitomo cave has a lot to offer when it comes to caving. Here you will explore the history and nature's wonder of New Zealand. One can take a boat or walk around to see the beauty of the most challenging but spectacular caving systems in the world. You can visit the Southern Hemisphere at Nelson, where the deepest sinkhole exists. It costs 25 dollars for children and 55 dollars for adults.

Hiking – it's one of the top-rated adventurous sports that tourists enjoy after jetting in. There are plenty of hiking sites around due to the scenic landscape. Most of the trails go through forests, coastlines, and river valleys. Some of these trails take an hour or two to complete, while others may take days. Abbey caves hike Whangarei, Mt Victoria trails in wellington, and Whirinaki forest hikes are popular hiking sites. It costs around 380 dollars to gain access.

Franz Josef Glacier is the primary reason most people visit this area. Indeed, hiking the glaciers can make you and your partner have unforgettable experiences. If you take a walk around Franz Josef, you can experience a breeze in the first 15 minutes as the wind blows through the forest. It becomes more challenging on reaching the rocky riverbed. At this point, suitable footwear is usually required. You can finish with a climb to the viewing area, where a 750m icy wonderland is seen. Beneath it, the glacier, ice, and rocks move and constantly fall without warning. You should always check for its latest conditions before planning a trip.

Enjoy the unique Maori culture: The famous inhabitants of New Zealand, the Maori, have excellent hospitality for everyone. The Maori are among the nicest people around the country; their locality is pretty visible when you visit. Apart from giving you a warm welcome, the Maori will ensure your stay is memorable. The Maori are the most vibrant and exuberant people in the world. Their traditional ceremonial dance has gained a global fan.

A visit to New Zealand will acquaint you with the oldest culture that is thousands of years old. Also, you will get a chance to enjoy the New Zealand dishes. The dishes are made with local ingredients. Crayfish is among the favourite delicacies in this country. Savoury pie is another popular dish available with various fillings, including fish, minced meat, and cheese. Pavlova is a popular dessert made with fresh fruits, meringue, and whipped cream- if you have a sweet tooth. For ice cream lovers, the hokey pokey is flavored with vanilla and solid lumps of honeycomb toffee.

Most importantly, the region is rich with national parks. New Zealand itself has 13 national parks, which cover a third of the national area. Glittering lakes and rock peaks are visible through the vast protected areas. The untouched wilderness gives a glimpse of the past 1000 years of the national park. Nelson Lake National Park is believed to have one of the cleanest lakes in the world. It has a visible area covering 80m that makes people admire the magical lake.